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We Provide Service Across The Globe

We offer a Global Logistics Network with our worldwide offices and also high quality distribution facilities which are staffed by dedicated teams of the top of experts. We have more than 30 years of experiences in this field.


  • Installation and maintenance services for handling machinery and equipment.
  • Repair, refurbishing and maintenance services for freight containers.
  • Container and pallet hire and rental services.
  • Freight containers and crates (hire/rental).
  • Freight containers For Sale
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  • Freight containers, marine.
  • Freight containers, lorry or truck transportation.
  • Freight containers depots & warehousing

Fast Service

With A.S.H.C.CO your time is our priority. We see into it that all clients get satisfaction within the shortest time possible. With A.S.H.C.CO you will know no delay.

Safe Depots & Warehouses

With A.S.HC.CO the security of your goods in our warehouses are guaranteed. All A.S.H.C.CO warehouses are insured against theft and all natural hazards. This is to guarantee the security of all our clients goods. 

24/7 Support

A.S.H.C.CO is built on customer satisfaction. When it comes to our customer service, we make sure you have a live assistan 24/7 to attain to all your needs.

Best Warehousing Service

When it comes to warehousing A.S.H.C.CO provides the best and most secured warehouses and deports. We provide storage space for freight containers, goods off all sorts. We also handle freight container repairs. (zeecontainer kopen)

Ocean Freight

6000+ Containers in 20 Ports

Freight container repairs

1000+ Freight container repairs monthly

Smart Warehouses

Cover 1,000,000 sqm.

Ocean Freight

6000+ Containers in 20 Ports

A.S.H.C.CO products and solutions. 

A.S.H.C.CO can provide standard, insulated, refrigerated, freezer, and office containers in 10′ – 45′ standard, custom, or high cube size. (Zeecontainer kopen, Shipping Container)

If you require easy accessibility to your cargo, our fleet of shipping containers for sale offers an assortment of entry configurations, including quad doors, doors on both ends, roll-up doors, or open side doors.

Purchase air-conditioned job-site offices, trade show booths, living spaces, or extra-large dry storage units for your personal or company items. All units are leakproof and durable for relocation, pack up, and shipping.

We believe in providing up-front and transparent pricing to our customers. To receive a shipping container for sale quote, submit your details through our web form.

Shipping container conditions.

NEW “One Trip” containers are shipped from Asia with a single container cargo load. These containers are referred to as “new” or in “like new” condition. One-trip containers are ideal if appearance and longevity are top priorities. (Zeecontainer kopen, Shipping Container)

USED cargo-worthy containers are certified for global transport based on the condition of the doors, floor, walls, and ceiling. Dents, rust, and corroded paint may be present. The unit is leakproof.

REFURBISHED cargo-worthy containers are certified for global transport based on the condition of the doors, floor, walls, and ceiling. The unit has been sanded, all rust removed, and a new coat of primer and paint applied. The container is leakproof. 

A.S.H.C.CO Customers.

Our customers range from your “neighbor” to Fortune 100 companies. Whatever you are storing or transporting, A.S.H.C.CO containers can maximize your usable storage space, thereby reducing overall costs. A.S.H.C.CO doesn’t sell paper or just complete a transaction; we deliver upon a promise and a product.

Our customer service team sells mobile, ground storage space to a variety of professionals in industries such as,


Residential & Commercial storage

Supermarket & Grocery

Parks & Recreation






State & Federal departments



Fabrication services.

A.S.H.C.CO is a one-stop shop for not only the largest selection of shipping and storage containers for sale but also for a comprehensive variety of fabrication services. Shipping containers are built to withstand the harsh conditions of ocean shipping, making them suitable for every environment. Customize and enhance your storage unit by adding windows, HVAC, electrical power, specialty doors, and customized paint. (Zeecontainer kopen, Shipping Container)

We design for a broad range of storage applications and can offer suggestions and examples from past projects that are just right for you. Extensive modifications can transform your container into a branded trade show booth or restaurant by the sea.

A.S.H.C.CO provides a secure chain of custody to ensure that your modification project is done correctly and promptly. The process is quick and straightforward, so you can immediately put your container to use.

Reliable service.

A.S.H.C.CO has dedicated fabrication shops across the country to ensure top-quality fabrication for years of use. We staff full-time, highly-skilled technicians and fabricators. Our team receives continual training all year round on the latest container trends and technology. If you can imagine it, we can build it better.

We believe in providing up-front and transparent pricing to our customers. To receive a custom fabrication quote, submit your details through our web form.

A.S.H.C.CO warranty.

Each storage container is durable, secure, and weatherproof. The Warranty Coverage Period for New ISO shipping containers is ten years from the date of purchase from A.S.H.C.CO. The Warranty Coverage Period for Used Cargo Worthy ISO shipping containers is five years from the date of purchase from A.S.H.C.CO. A leakproof unit guarantee is included.

During the warranty period, A.S.H.C.CO will repair, use new or refurbished replacement parts, or replace units or parts of a container at no charge. The container must prove defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. (Zeecontainer kopen, Shipping Container)

Terms & conditions apply.

Delivery services.
A.S.H.C.CO transforms an essential service into the customer experience with on-demand storage unit delivery services for customers. We need to know things like door direction, site contact, and that you have enough space for the truck to deliver the container safely.

Customers have scheduled deliveries to ensure consistency. At A.S.H.C.CO, we have a dedicated team that helps our customers to plan better and operate smarter. Emergency transportation services are available. Reduce your overall logistics costs and request our 3 – 7-day truck and trailer delivery move.

We believe in providing up-front and transparent pricing to our customers. To receive a delivery quote, submit your delivery zip code and unit details through our web form.

Contact us.
Have questions about your storage system? Please phone us about your container purchase at +32 460230783 or email us at support@ashccobvba.com. We want your business. Let us compete with other quotes.

Would you like an all-inclusive price quote? Submit your unit details through our web form.

Fright container repairs

1000+ Freight container repairs monthly

More About A.S.H.C.CO
A.S.H.C.CO rental storage containers and portable offices are available throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, U.S.A, Canada & Middle East. A.S.H.C.CO heavy-duty, water-tight, steel storage containers available for rent are manufactured to withstand the inevitable encounters of private, commercial, and industrial job sites. From commonly encountered elements, including rodents and pests to water, snow, and rain, A.S.H.C.CO containers can be trusted to protect your valuable personal or professional belongings.

A.S.H.C.CO designs and fabricates specialty containers of all types. From habitable specialty containers with every possible home amenity to the simple addition of shelving, workbenches, and drawers- if you can imagine it, A.S.H.C.CO can create it. Simply provide us with your idea or design, and A.S.H.C.CO can turn your expectations of a specialty container into a reality. (Zeecontainer kopen, Shipping Container)

  • Turnkey solutions.
  • Variety of optional modifications.
  • Design your container.

A.S.H.C.CO offers shipping container transportation, disposal, and onsite modification services. From container repair — rust and/or damage that leaves a container susceptible — to modifications – to unwanted ISO shipping container disposal service. A.S.H.C.CO crew of carpenters, welders, and electricians are available to complete the task(s) you require to make your container fully functional and secure. Onsite container modifications include windows, doors, vents, lockboxes, and more. From start to finish, A.S.H.C.CO offers fast, affordable, and first-rate service. Whether it is for a mobile shipping container or a storage container requiring repairs, A.S.H.C.CO is the solution to your damage, repair, and modification needs.

  • Freight container relocation.
  • Depot services.
  • Structural engineering services.

    As all of the modification work is done in-house, our quality has no compromises. All container modifications have to pass quality control at each stage of work, and the last step is right before delivery.

Smart Warehouses

Cover 1,000,000 sqm.

Warehousing services

Our global footprint and extensive network means we have facilities ready to handle your supply chain, whether at origin or destination. By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution with fewer logistic service providers. Complexity is reduced, and you gain speed, control and visibility.

Consolidation centres

A warehouse perfectly placed and connected to your sourcing areas can combine materials and goods pre-export, helping you optimise your landside movements and container loads.

Our portfolio comprises bonded and non-bonded warehouses, facilities located within free trade zones, and others near/within ports for easy transfer to ship.

We offer domestic and regional/international consolidation, including multi-country consolidation. Offered at several international hubs, including our major East-West transshipment hub at Tanjung Pelepas in Malaysia, these facilities offer multi-country consolidation and a host of product value-added services, within the free trade zone.

Deconsolidation centres

When your cargo arrives at its destination market, keep your goods flowing through the supply chain without missing a beat. Many of our facilities are ideally situated close to key ocean ports for major shipping routes, allowing faster throughput of your cargo. (Zeecontainer kopen, Shipping Container)

Our deconsolidation solutions have multiple service offerings depending on where your cargo needs to go – straight transload, or building consignments direct to distribution centres or final destinations.

Our facilities also offer pit-stop solutions: late localisation with a wide range of value-added services, all supported by industry-leading Warehouse Management Systems. When flexibility to minimise go-to-market efforts matters, our services can offer you a competitive advantage (e.g., quality controls, re-packing, returns management or product disposal).

Take a look at our deconsolidation solutions:

Open Innovation

Open Innovation

AI Port Management

AI Port Management

Digitalization insights

Digitalization insights

Know us more

More About Us

We design and implement industry leading solutions for multinational companies. Approximately 73,000 employees.

At A.S.H.C.CO, we know experience matters. That’s why customers trust us — we have more than 30 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry. For your sea services, this translates to competence around the globe.

we are an advanced company

Using High Technology

  • We Use AI In The Line
  • Smart Warehouse
  • 100% Accuracy
We are expert in many industries

Industry Solutions

As one of the leading providers of logistics solutions across the globe, A.S.H.C.CO has an immense portfolio of transport and contract logistics solutions that spans multiple industries.


A.S.H.C.CO does not only end at providing Depots for your freight containers and warehouses for your goods. We also do all mechanical repairs to all cargo vehicles, sell machinery from household sizes to company requirements

Container Repairs

At A.S.H.C.CO we dont just provide space for your freight containers we also do repaires to all damaged containers making them look brand new for the next shipment. We also customize freight containers to small offices, storage rooms etc


When it comes to hiring or buying wooden pallets and crates, A.S.H.C.CO provides you with the best services so far. We have pallets and crates of various diamentions. Platic crates are available for sale too.

Our global logistics network, cutting-edge IT systems, in-house expertise and excellent customer service.

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