Container Services

We offer full depot and terminal services including: Container storage, Container damage inspection, repairs and refurbishment.

At A.S.H.C.CO Depot, all of our team members take pride in providing the best service in the industry. We were established because prior to us there has been no third party service provider working strictly for you, the carrier. All our competitors are affiliated with a specific carrier and give that carrier priority. At A.S.H.C.CO Depot you are our priority and we look to help you grow your current business by providing you the best ISO Tank Container depot services

We have invested in state of the art technology to track your containers and have outfitted our service staff with hand held devices to allow them to immediately service your needs on the spot, whether it be in/out gating or locating a container. Our goal is to safely and quickly process you so that you can get back on the road earning money.

Container Services



With many years of experience, ACB is specialized in trading of 2nd hand containers as well as newbuilt containers.
Thanks to an extensive network of reliable partners, we can offer containers on a worldwide basis.




Our containers are also available for short or long term rental.




30 years ago, ACB was one of the first companies making business out of cabotage.
Shipping companies and leasing companies are spending millions every year to move their containers empty from surplus to deficit areas.
At ACB we can help to reduce these costs by finding users who can use the container with cargo from A to B.
Due to constant market changes, we are always investigating new locations and/or destinations.



– 25 years experience in repair and storage of maritime containers
– Barge connected (via shuttle)
– 22 000 m2 of storage space


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