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pallet type
Dimensions (W × L × D) ISO pallet alternative
800 mm × 1,200 mm × 145 mm
31.50 in × 47.24 in × 5.71 in
ISO1, same size as EUR.
The pallet weight is 20 – 25 kg.
Weight of a load: 2490 kg.
EUR 2 1,200 mm × 1,000 mm × 144 mm
47.24 in × 39.37 in × 5.67 in
ISO2. The pallet weight is 33 kg.
Weight of a load: 1470 kg.
EUR 3 1,000 mm × 1,200 mm × 144 mm
39.37 in × 47.24 in × 5.67 in
The pallet weight is 29 kg.
Weight of a load of 1920 kg.
EUR 6 800 mm × 600 mm × 144 mm
31.50 in × 23.62 in × 5.67 in
ISO0, half the size of EUR.
The pallet weight is 9.5 kg.
Weight of the safe load: 500 kg.
600 mm × 400 mm
23.62 in × 15.75 in
quarter the size of EUR
400 mm × 300 mm
15.75 in × 11.81 in
one-eighth the size of EUR

Phytosanitary Compliance

Due to the International Plant Protection Convention (abbreviated IPPC), most pallets shipped across national borders must be made of materials that are incapable of being a carrier of invasive species of insects and plant diseases. The standards for these pallets are specified in ISPM 15.

Pallets made of raw, untreated wood are not compliant with ISPM 15. To be compliant the pallets (or other wood packaging material) must meet debarked standards, and must be treated by either of the following means under the supervision of an approved agency:

Heat treatment The wood must be heated to achieve a minimum core temperature of 56 °C (132.8 °F) for at least 30 minutes. Pallets treated using this method bear the initials HT near the IPPC logo.

Chemical fumigation The wood must be fumigated with methyl bromide. Pallets treated using this method bear the initials MB near the IPPC logo. From 19 March 2010 the use of methyl bromide as a treatment according to ISPM15 has been banned within all EU member states.

This is due to causing potential harm to the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer.
Treated wood pallets must be stamped on two opposite sides, indicating either HT for heat treated or MB for methyl bromide treatment.

Pallets made of non-wood materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, or engineered wood products, such as plywood, oriented strand board, or corrugated fiberboard do not need IPPC approval, and are considered to be exempt from ISPM 15 regulations.